This is the story of Milo & Co.

Do what you love. Know your own bone; gnaw at it, bury it, unearth it, and gnaw it still.
— Henry David Thoreau
Both of us dog walking in the local Kent countryside with two Black Labradors,  Collie and a German Shepherd.

Chris and I were both brought up with dogs - myself on a working farm where collies and labs were a plenty, Chris in a large family where there was always a Labrador member of the team.


Like many, we left the delights of our fellow pooches and country homes behind to pursue careers in the big smoke and have both lived in London for the last ten years.

On meeting each other, it didn’t take long to realise our shared love for dogs - in fact the first evening we met that’s pretty much all we talked about!

Owning a dog of our own proved tough in town – with busy working lives (in the events industry no less!) and a small flat, it was something we had to park for a time. However, to satisfy our need for a four-legged friend, we opted for a dog walking app that allowed us to take care of other people’s dogs both for daytime walks and overnight stays. We soon found ourselves the go-to carers for a number of local dogs.

Despite not owning our own, this didn’t stop countless discussions of our future four-legged friend. With myself wanting a Miniature Dachshund and Chris, a Newfoundland, this was no easy feat! Finally we found our happy medium – our familiar friend the lab. His name would be Milo and our name was born!

His name would be Milo and our name was born.
Dog Walking on Whitstable beach with a Miniature Dachshund and a Long Haired Jack Russell.

Coupled with our conversations around said future dog came discussion of our future lives. Done with London and the crazy-fast pace of events, it was time to pack up our bags and start something new, something we love.

Dog walking in the local Kent countryside with two Black Labradors.
Our home with lots of lovely rooms for dogs to explore and settle in.

Skip ahead a few months and here we are, settled in our lovely new home in Whitstable. Having completed my initial training in OFQUAL Level 2, Canine Care and Behaviour and being granted our operating license from Canterbury City Council, I am delighted to say we have officially launched Milo & Co.

Here at Milo & Co. we offer your dogs a place in our home whether it be during the day, for overnight stays, or even for longer doggy holidays. With a multitude of rooms to explore and settle into, a gated, private garden and the delights of both the local Whitstable coastline and nearby Kent countryside for twice daily walks, what’s not to love?

Three months in and we wanted to give you all a little update. We could not have had a better start here at Milo & Co. - what a wonderful summer establishing new customers and meeting all our gorgeous dog friends. With over fifty dogs on our books, all of different breeds, shapes, sizes and ages, we are absolutely delighted. Not only that, but we would like introduce our gorgeous Milo pup, who we have now had for three weeks and is settling in brilliantly with his new pooch friends. Meet Milo, our fourteen week old chocolate labrador puppy - we are absolutely besotted! That is not to say we do not love each and every one of his dog friends too of course.

Milo our chocolate labrador puppy

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