Bookings can be made by email or telephone. Once we have discussed you dates, requirements and associated costs, we will send you a Booking and Consent form, where you can tell us all about your four legged friend. Once this is complete we will send you an email with bank details in order to make payment.

As much as we would love to accept all dogs, we will need to make a prior agreement regarding any situation where your dog should show signs of aggression to fellow pooches or humans. We will also need to be sure that we do not have any in season bitches or full males staying with us at any one time.



We kindly ask for contact details for emergencies including yourself, your vet, and two designated ‘buddies’ for your dog. We also give you the opportunity to choose the level of contact you would like from us throughout your dog’s stay along with preferred method of contact.


We ask that you share your dog insurance policy and all up-to-date veterinary records including any required, current treatment plans.

We encourage you to bring as much as possible from your dog’s daily routine and ask you to list these items. They can include bedding, bowls, toys, leads and even their required food and treats.


We ask that you detail any specific requirements for your dog’s daily routine whilst with us, from amount and length of walks, to feeding times and preferred areas for sleep and daytime ‘R&R’.


Want to see our Booking and Consent for now? Not a problem, please click the link below.